Which Is Better, To buy or Lease a Copier?

Copiers are in the best demands of businesses. That is why choosing between to buy or lease a copier can be a  challenging task, especially for business owners. Buying a copier means owning it. You take full control of your equipment and its maintenance. You decide until when you are going to keep it without thinking of any contract. But for some owners, leasing is a better choice than buying a copier outright.

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To help you with the decision of whether to buy or lease a copier, you need to consider the pros and cons of each and compare the two.

Advantages of buying a copier


Deciding to purchase a new copier depends on the company’s overall needs.  Especially the budget allocated to purchase. When you buy, you avoid finance charges. It is always cheaper than leasing, for you can save hundreds of dollars and you can avoid interest. Also, buying outright is tax-deductible. If you have plenty of cash to purchase for one, this will help you save more.


Purchasing a copier allows the business owner to perform maintenance to upgrade the machine any time he wants. The machine is the owner’s property and carries full responsibility and right to it.

Less Paperwork

Purchasing a copier is a one-way process. All you need to do is hand over the cash and all is done. You can avoid too many paper applications and contracts.

Cons of buying a copier

Replacing cost

When the copier no longer works, the company decides to replace it. Replacing copiers can cause business owners to spend another sum of money to purchase a new one.


The business owners must spend money on the maintenance of the copier. Unlike in leasing, the leasing company is responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of the copier.

Pros of leasing a copier

Equipment upgrade

Services and repairs are always included in the leasing service contract. As technology progresses rapidly, upgrading to new features is a great advantage. Leasing companies provide upgrades for the copy machines to ensure the business’ productivity. Leasing is a good way for you to have the latest hardware and software that can be used in your offices.


Leasing doesn’t require a large sum of money and  doesn’t need to have a high amount of capital or take loans just to have a good copier. Leasing lets you budget your money knowing that you will only have low monthly payments.Also, leasing doesn’t require you to replace your equipment.It is included in the leasing agreement that the company is responsible for the repairs of your copier.

Cons of leasing a copier

The long term cost is higher

Spreading payments up to five years requires you to pay a higher amount than purchasing It outright. The price may triple than its regular price .

Strict leasing companies

Some leasing companies have strict terms. Once you sign the contract or agreement, it is your responsibility to make payments for the remainder of the years even if you do not need or use those. You are required to pay for the remainder of the payments  even if it gets expensive.

To choose either to buy or lease a copier lies in the hands of business owners. Buying upright means owning it on the spot. And allows you to purchase machines for its Fair Market value. While leasing is an extended payment for businesses allowing them to pick a payment term and help to replace or upgrade their current equipment. But if you lease, your payments are higher than when you buy it with cash.