A Step by Step Guide on How a Photocopier Works

As you walk into different business offices, you will definitely find a photocopier with people who are waiting to utilize it. Either large or small businesses, a photocopier serves as a standard equipment that promotes ease and efficiency.

Can you imagine how hard it is to recopy documents by hand? Well, you may be curious about what is really going on a photocopier while waiting for the copies of documents to shoot into its paper tray. However, it isn’t interesting and at ease to see that in a few seconds an exact and clear replica is produced!

A Guide on How Photocopiers Effectively Work?

People may think that photocopying any document using a photocopier is very simple. All they have to do is to put the document into the photocopier’s glass screen, a green colored light passes on the glass, an exact copy of documents you just placed on its glass screen immediately comes out.

Have you thought about what really goes on inside its glass screen? Well, a photocopier is quite a complex kind of machinery that you need to be familiar with.  Here are some of the steps on how it effectively works.

Creating an Original Document Image 

To start with the photocopying process, the photocopier’s top lid is opened. The mastered copy of the original document you wanted to have a copy with is placed in a face-down position onto a glass surface where a bright beam of light will effectively scan the entire part of the document.

The white areas of the document are expected to reflect more light compared to the black areas where it reflects little amount or light or even no light at all. Then, an image or electrical shadow of your document’s master copy is produced with the photocopier’s photoconductor.

Toner Powder Charging and Transferring Into the Drum

As the photocopier’s conveyor belt moves effectively, it also takes electric shadows along. Those negatively charged particles of toner will stick to the electrical shadows. After that, an inked type impression of the documents master copy is produced on the photocopiers conveyor belt.

Blank paper is slowly fed into the machine on the other side. This paper slowly and carefully move towards the photocopier’s photoconductor belt. As the paper moves, a strong and clear positive charge is imparted to it. The blank paper’s positive charge pulls negatively-charged particles of the toner towards itself. Then, a clear duplicate image of your master copy is clearly formed on the clear blank paper.

Final Touches Before the Duplicated Copy Comes Out

Finally, before the machine spits the paper out, the fuser unit which is known to be a hot rollers pair supplies pressure and heat to the paper. This is to assure that the particles of the toner will be permanently fused or attached into the paper. This is the reason why you may observed that freshly ejected kind of duplicate copy coming out from the photocopier is a bit warm to touch. 


Photocopier had already become part of every business and companies. That is why, it is always essential to learn as early as now how does this machine works. By doing so, rest assured that when you are asked to make use of this machine, you will always be at ease. Apart from that, this machine can provide success and progress to the company as it gives you original duplicated documents needed.

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