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What is Copier Leasing, and How Do They Work?

One office employee uses more or less 10,000 pieces of paper every year for creating reminders, memos, contracts, and documents. Most offices and companies worldwide depend on most of their works on paper and copying and printing machines. This helps them to ensure that their company is always on top.

On the one hand, considering the high demand for copying and printing in the business field, many well-functioning copiers and printers are available at a costly rate. In connection to that, most businesses can’t buy their office machine. That’s why they tend to avail copier leasing services in Lexington.

To give you a better understanding of copier leasing in Lexington and its importance in the business industry, we will provide you with essential information that will answer “What is copier leasing?” and “How copier leasing services work?”

So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Defining Copier Leasing

Copier leasing is a type of agreement you make with a company that offers copier lease services. This works similarly to car leasing. But take note that there is a vast difference between the two.

If you are running a business and wanted to acquire a copier machine, you may consider availing copier leasing services in Lexington. By leasing a copier or other office machine, you can own second hand or brand new equipment by making a service agreement and set payments.

By availing of copier leasing in Lexington, you can acquire new office machines quickly and conveniently. Like the other leases, leasing a copier will cost a lot compared to the original cost.

Compared to car leasing services, a copier lease agreement does not give you an option to stop the payments. So, if you decided to lease a copier or any other office machine and sign the deal, it is your responsibility to make the full payments.

However, most business owners tend to upgrade their contract after several years. This is mainly because the machines’ prices are continuously increasing, making it difficult to maintain. Many business owners also prefer this option considering that the latest or upgraded equipment helps you save more. Besides, a five-year-old technology is obsolete and might be taken over by the latest models that offer additional features and better security, making the equipment more useful in copying and printing tasks.

Take note that leasing a copier is just like purchasing it over time. Even though you decided to stop using the copier, you are still responsible for paying off the remaining balance of the machine you lease.

How Does Copier Leasing Work

Copier leasing is done between two parties; the leaser and the company that offers leasing services. To complete the copier leasing, the two parties should create a contract. The contract should cover how long the leaser will pay the contract.

The two parties should create a reliable service agreement. When creating a contract, it should cover the following service and maintenance agreements:

  • Whether or not the leaser will receive notifications regarding the possible changes in the price.
  • The cost of the daily supplies, such as toner and ink, will be during the entire agreement
  • Whether or not the company will charge you with a fixed rate, you need to pay monthly depending on the volume of usage.
  • Whether or not the prices of equipment parts and labor is included.
  • Whether or not the company will provide you with a replacement for the malfunctioning or damaged equipment while repairing your leased machine.

Business owners these days start to avail copier leasing services because of the advantages they offer. If you don’t have enough budget to avail brand new office equipment, then leasing is the answer.

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