5 Print Strategy You Need For Your Business

Printing is still relevant and essential today, especially for many companies, organisations, and businesses. It is why most of them opt to have a solid printing strategy. But before we dive deeper into different printing strategies you can do, let’s first define printing strategy. 

Printing strategy is a comprehensive assessment of your printing processes. It is where you weigh your business print needs, cost, and the pros and cons of various print options. 

This article includes five print strategies that you can develop.

Know The Type of Customers and Audience You Have

Before contacting a printing vendor or tech support, you must first do customer and audience research. You need to learn and familiarise their habits, interests, and choices. By doing so, you can have a powerful print strategy approach. In addition, it can guide you with these questions:

  • Are they more receptive to special promotions, codes, and one-of-a-kind prints?
  •  Is there a specific type of print that is more well-received?

Make A Plan Ahead Of Time

Make sure that you can plan your project and printing needs ahead of time. According to the rule of thumb, there should be at least ten business days for every print to be completed. This one’s for you to utilise your budget because even with reputable printing businesses that can meet tight deadlines, you will still need to pay an additional fee.

At the same time, you should include the amount of time you are looking for a print vendor in your timeframes or the time you will collaborate with them. For sure, your strategy will be going smoothly as you partner with a reputable printing vendor. It can also help your company—its internal structure and its approval procedure so they can spot and avoid potential barriers.

Establish The Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) for Your Company

Your company’s total cost of ownership needs to be established for you to have a strong printing strategy. Your TCO will determine your business environment and budget. Also, your total cost of ownership determines the cost of your printing consumables like paper, ink, staples, and more. It also includes the lease and service cost and paper cost per page.

The invoices and receipts will help specify your TOC vary—for example, the cost per page. To determine the cost per page, you need the total fees for the ink and the pages needed.

Select The Most Suitable Printers

There are different types of printers needed for a specific kind of paper, the types of print, and the printing techniques. For instance, you can use digital printers rather than an offset printer or any high-maintenance printer if you only print low volumes. 

It is not a good idea if your company has incompatible printers since it won’t be good in the future. It can also cost you money and resources; hence, it’s not advisable. 

Print in Large Volumes

It is cost-effective if you can print in large volumes—in which you can save loads of expenses. It will be cheaper when you print in bulk, you will have stocks available, and best in the long term. Additionally, it is recommended, especially if the ones you will be printing are one-time use. 


It is crucial to have a good foundation of printing strategy. It will be influential in your company’s success, good relationship with your audience, and high return on expenses. 

Do you require assistance in putting together an ideal printing strategy? Well, we can assist you. You can contact us, and we will help you learn, grasp, and have the best printing strategy.

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