Type of 3D Printer You Should Buy for your Business

3D printers and 3D printing technologies used to be available only for scientists and engineering projects. This type of technology is actually not that new in the market. In fact, 3D printing technology was introduced to the public more than thirty years ago. Back then, it was called stereolithography but only engineers and scientists used the technology back then. Today, 3D printing is relatively new to home users, libraries, and schools because it has gradually become more affordable during recent years. 

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Although having a 3D printer at home is not a necessity, a lot of people are investing in these printers for their personal use. Below is a guide to help you in your 3D buying process. This will help you make an informed decision before you say goodbye to your hard-earned savings. 

3D Printer Is A Must

There are generally three types of 3D printing machines: the FDM, SLS, and stereolithography. The most common ones you can find on the market today are the FDM (fused deposition modeling) printers. With this technology, printing of an object is achieved layer after layer. The other two are SLS or Selective Laser Sintering, and stereolithography, and are both significantly pricier. These are used in different types of industrial projects. 

With stereolithography, you can achieve higher-quality outputs because it uses ultraviolet light beams to harden a mode. On the other hand, SLS makes use of powders and lasers to achieve a specific layer of printed material. For home use, the most ideal types are the FDM printers. Because they are fairly common in the public, you can easily find a wide range of these printers on the market. 

Assembled or DIY 3D Printer? 

This is another crucial question you need to ask before you decide to buy your printer. Since 3D printers are normally used in creative communities, it’s just imperative that these printers should be assembled by those who plan to use them. However, if you are up for the challenge, you can make a DIY printer completely from scratch, although this can be quite tricky. But there are 3D printer DIY kits with good assembly instructions to help you with your creative pleasures.  

Expensive or Cheap 3D Printers? 

When buying your 3D printer, the price is one major consideration, as with most of your purchases. Depending on your project plans, the type of 3D printers you use will determine how much money you should shell out for your printer. If you are making high-end projects, then go for the more expensive ones as the price is a clear indication of the output quality you can get in a printer. 

Today, you can buy assembled 3D printers for as low as $300. This is actually ideal for home projects. If you prefer fixing small objects and you simply want to have fun, a 3D printing pen is another good option. 

3D Printing Quality

The printing quality is normally measured in two key qualities: the printing speed and the detail of the final product. The detail of each printing job is measured in microns. The smaller the micron number is; the better the quality of the print is. As with speed, the printer’s extruder performance is the key. The faster it moves, the quicker a project is created. 

3D Printing Filaments

The materials your 3D printer is compatible with is another factor to consider. Generally, these printers work on PLA and ABS, the most basic filaments in 3D printing. However, the more high-end models allow you to use metal, wood, and other materials. Investing on a 3D printer, like that of a copier Lexington machine, is a major move. With so many options to consider, you need to do your research and ensure that you know and understand the basic knowledge of 3D printer buying.