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Reasons To Upgrade Your Copier

Imagine you have to discuss an important project that requires you to make 20 copies of a 10-page document, but when you get near the copier machine, you see an out-of-order sign on the only working copier in the building. What would you do? Most people’s first course of action is to try and find out what is wrong and try to fix it. But if that also did not work, what then? Will you go to a copy centre to copy the documents and risk leakage of information? Postpone the meeting until the copier is fixed. What if it would take the servicing company days to get the copier to work?

Copier Machine

Since the invention of electron photography in 1937 by Chester Carlson, the copier machine has revolutionized how documents are produced in large quantities. All he wanted then was to find a faster and more efficient way to create large numbers of copies to help his work at the patent office. The photocopy machine did not make its appearance in office environments until the 1970s but proves to still be pivotal even in today’s digital age.

Through the years, the copier machine did not have any big changes other than the combination of the copier and printer in one piece of equipment. Now, more features have been added to the basic copier for a more productive workplace.

Why Do You Need To Own A Copier?

With the continuous advancement of technology, one cannot help but wonder if copier machines are still important.

The answer, of course, is Yes!

Copier machine manufacturers have introduced the multifunction device that includes a copier, a fax machine, a printer, and a scanner. So although workplaces prefer to have their data stored and shared digitally, a copier machine is still required for a high-quality copy to be stored online. 

Paper copies are also proven to allow better data retention on their readers compared to their digital counterparts since there are no distractions that can pull your attention away from the information presented. 

Another use for the copier machine is bulk printing such as marketing paraphernalia, survey questionnaires, and memorandums to be posted on physical bulletins. Having a copier in the office will lessen the time lost and money spent if you have these copies printed out in a copy centre.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Copier

Reasons to Upgrade Your Copier

  • Improve Print Quality and Easier Maintenance

After years of usage, print quality will change due to depreciation. While temporarily avoiding total device replacement is possible through repairs of specific parts and equipment maintenance, the cost of repeated repairs will one day outweigh the cost of a new copier machine. 

Improved Efficiency, Less Operating Costs

New copier machines increase work productivity due to their faster processing time and output delivery, allowing users to get more work done while consuming lower electricity.

New Features

Aside from the long-standing features like printing and scanning, new models of copier machines offer to fax and email documents directly to the receiver or to a secured email. Consolidating these different machines into one device is a practical way to upgrade your workplace. 

Another new feature worth mentioning is that new copier machines can print documents directly from mobile devices as long as they are connected to the same network.

Tighter security

The development of technology allows most things to connect to the internet, and this connectivity creates a vulnerability in the network’s security. Most new models of copier machines can encrypt all data on a secured drive or server, while others have safety features that keep unauthorized personnel from using the machine through password security or user authentication. 


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The copier industry has gone through a lot of trials and changes but continues to strive. Despite the wide promotion of automating data filing and sharing, copier machines are still and will continue to be useful in our everyday work life.