How To Take Care Of Multifunctional Printer

One of the best ways to keep your scanner working at good levels for longer is by giving it a regular cleaning. If you notice blurry, streaky, smudged or distorted images when scanning documents and images, it is time to have it cleaned and regularly maintained. Here is how to clean a scanner yourself before calling scanner printers Los Angeles experts.

Cleaning your scanner is self-explanatory, but there are some things that you may miss. For this, you will need a microfiber cloth and some glass cleaner. 

The first thing that you need to do is to turn off the scanner and to unplug the power cord. Using a dry microfiber cloth, you need to wipe down both the glass and the underside of the scanner lid. If there are still smudges or other residue on the glass, spray a bit of glass cleaner onto the cloth, then wipe it down carefully. 

Do not use too much or spray it directly onto the glass, because even a small amount of moisture making its way into your scanner can cause issues. You can use a dry microfiber cloth, completely wipe away any remaining moisture. Avoid using compressed air on your scanner glass. It can trap dust on the edges of the glass, which can get underneath it and it can cause issues. 

Any kind of office equipment with moving parts will eventually need maintenance. Maintenance for a scanner is as important as maintenance for other parts of your machine. A scanner functions by taking a piece of hard copy paper and slowly digitizing it. Whether you are making a copy of a document or scanning it to put it on your computer, you are really doing the same thing. 

Parts that could lead to needing maintenance for a scanner are the parts that pull the paper through the scanner. You do not need to worry about maintenance on the parts required for output because a scanner is all about input. The parts that pull the paper through a scanner are the rollers and the feeder. These are the parts of the scanner that you should be most careful about. 

With most scanners, there is a kit that comes with rollers and other items that can wear out over time. The kit may also come with instructions on how to replace them yourself. Attempting to do maintenance for a scanner on your own could be dangerous, especially if you are not experienced with repairing office equipment. Any time you are going inside the machine and taking out parts, you are putting yourself at risk. It also takes valuable time out of your workday when you could be spending time on other tasks. 

How often should you clean your scanner? You should clean your scanner everyday or every other day with alcohol wipes. It should be cleaned weekly with staticide pads. If the scanner is used occasionally, it should be cleaned monthly. Clean the flatbed glass any timelines appear in the scan. 

How would you know if the scanner requires cleaning? When the scanner is jamming multiple times, if it is grabbing multiple pages at a time, when the scanner is squeaking as it feeds the page through and when lines appear in the scanned image. 

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